Between You And Me By Atul Khanna

This book is about the economy, governance, Ancient India, Modern India, Administration, Science, technology, education, agriculture and the best part is he has discussed about the greatest personalities in India which everyone need to know. A lot of unknown facts i could know.
Book is divided into three parts. In part one, he has described about ancient india and modern India by giving few examples like ekalavya and karna on the other hand in modern India he has put examples of great personalities like Mohatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Neheru and many others. As a whole India can be mapped through our eyes. Part two consists of governance models, administation , case of jammu and kashmir, Science and technology, healthcare etc. He has touched each section carefully. Part three basically about the constitution India. He also have gave importance to the india song and discussed captivatively. Most importantly he denotes it as the soul of India. I liked this part.

Apt narration and worth reading book i have ever read. Great work of the author.

My rating -4/5

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