Breakthroughs By Anupa Rao

Book name:-Breakthroughs

Author:- Anupa Rao

The book is around 340 pages long and the content is divided into 17 chapters.
The content is light and deep healing. The concept that these poems and stories follow is unique and touches the readers’ nervesl. Each poem and story is filled with sincerity, and humor.
The most beautiful part of the book is you get various resources, you get to know about various disorders, Various diseases which in normal life can happen with anyone and one can never know about it. The resources can be really very useful for the needy ones, there are various links and helplines regarding bullying, suicide prevention, animal abuse domestic abuse.
TBH, I never knew there is helplines available for bully prevention before this, so, all thanks goes to author, such a commendable Job.

My rating-5/5

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