Weight Loss By Pradeep Kumar Pandey

Book name:-Weight Loss

Author:- Pradeep Kumar Pandey

This book weight loss a sustainable approach by author pradeep kumar pandey is a must read.
In this book author has beautifully pen down why we should maintain a healthy body weight and how to lose weight in perfect and healthy manner,
Coming to the feedback : This book is a must read for everyone and author should be Appreciated for writing a book in such a wonderful topic. The author has beautifully mentioned in each and every detail you need to keep in mind.
All the information provided in the book is the experience of the author, he tried various methods to lose weight and provided us with the best possible solutions. The author must be appreciated for his research. The language of the book is easily understandable. So I would recommend it to all those people who want to have a better lifestyle!!!

My rating-4/5

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