The book revolves around three timelines. The era of Mahabharata. The war between Pandvas and kauravas. The reason of pandu’s desth and the only way which failed to save pandu’s life. The agyantvas and mystery of Mahabharata described meticulously with rich language and mysterious way.

Raja Balwant singh’s dream palace the tijara fort palace is the secret of connection of these three timelines. The amrita which can save the life of pandu, the amrita which will change the earth’s Destiny. The omnious presence of the amrita all these years and Maharaja Mahadev’s despiration to formulate the elixir.

Is the doctor find out the secret of the elixir? Is it possible to depicit the mystery of the elixir?
How can someone decode the formula of ageless life?

The writing style is so captivating. Before reading the chapters try to start with the content page.

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