Anirudh Talwar: The Man Of Sixty Shades By Anushka Mehta

Anirudh Talwar: The man of sixty shades by Anushka Mehta is a nice book in fiction genre. This book has nicely plotted and narrated by the author.

According to the plot, Anirudh and Tanya are the protagonists of the story. Anirudh Talwar is a CEO of a company in Delhi. Tanya is an employee of his company. Anirudh is a bachelor but Tanya is married girl. But at times they both came into a relationship. The story goes in a very interesting way. The storyline, narration and writing style is so good. Nice work by the author.

Language is simple and understandable. Title and cover are apt to the plot. Enjoyed throughout.

My rating-4/5

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